Our Mission

Our Mission is to grow as a full service CRO offering full services for drug development to the major pharmaceutical and other medical and biotech companies. We want to be partners in the cutting edge research for new treatments.

For the past 5 years we have been focused on Neuroscience and psychiatry and all our research has been in this area. We have completed studies in the area of schizophrenia, depression, bipolar ADHD, autism in adults, adolescents and children. We are always looking for new interesting studies in neuro -psychopharmacology to add to our portfolio.

We are in the process of expanding into newer areas for general medical studies as for lipid management and diabetes. We are also exploring a stronger focus in neurology for research in migraines, sleep disorders, dementia and Parkinson’s disease through collaboration with other specialist investigators and development of new clinical sites in the area.

Our Services

Dr. Jha and Dr. Hemanth, the chief investigators of NSI, are board certified psychiatrists with extensive clinical experience in adult and child psychiatry. Several board certified specialists from other medical specialties are affiliated with NSI and are available for consultations. We maintain the highest ethical and regulatory standards through well trained and experienced clinical coordinators and administrative staff. We can assure efficiently managed studies to obtain reliable and valid results while minimizing the risks for patients and volunteers. With years of experience in psychiatry and neurology, we understand the clinical challenges of these fields and strive for the best outcomes for our clients. Our professional staff include board certified physicians, scientists, project managers, data managers, and Clinical Research Associates (CRA’s). Each one of these professionals is committed to the success of the research projects they work on or manage. We closely monitor clinical trials in order to ensure patient safety, and to confirm the integrity and accuracy of all data.

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