NSI is a premier, independent, clinical research facility located in Rockville, MD. We have built a brand new spacious, facility for clinical trials that is conveniently located near Washington DC. NSI is a clinical research company established to undertake clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The primary therapeutic focus of NSI at present is on central nervous system disorders. NSI is committed to research and innovation. Our focus is on bringing new treatments to the patient’s bedside safely and quickly, advancing clinical innovation in Mental Illness and beyond. NSI is given the responsibility of conducting clinical research on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and other academic institutions for developing potential new medications. Our professional staff include board certified physicians, scientists, project managers, data managers, and Clinical Research Associates (CRA’s). Each one of these professionals is committed to the success of the research projects they work on or manage. We closely monitor clinical trials in order to ensure patient safety, and to confirm the integrity and accuracy of all data.
We have ongoing trials in the areas of Psychiatry and Neurology. We have trials for autism, depression and OCD in children and adults going on at the moment.  We are always accepting new patients for clinical trials. For more information please call us @ 301-468-1001.